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taj mahal
                Hello friends After post on vijay vilas palace I am going to post on Taj mahal.Yes Taj mahel which is one of the seven wonders!It was located in uttar pradesh at Agra.It is sign of love.Today I am going to tell you history of Taj mahal.It was built by mughal king Shan jahan in memory of his wife mumtaz.
                Construction of Taj mahal was started in 1632 and completed in 1653.So it will take 21 years for construction.Shan jhan was son of mughal emperor Jahangir He married with mumtaz in 1612.But in 1631 His wife was died During give a birth to her 14 child.Shan jhan make a tribute to Mumtaz mahal Which is known as The great Taj mahal.So shan jhan make a Taj mahal in memory of Mumtaz.After construction of it Shan jhan cut the hands of the workers who built a Taj mahal because that type of mahal can not built again.
taj mahal

                 So friends We all are know that Taj mahal is a unique and no one can built this type of mahal in this Technological 21st century.It is one of the seven wonders of the world.It is sign of great love and romance.It was built by white marble and till it was looks white after 358 years.It looks a very beautiful.People from all of the world are come here for visit a taj mahal.It is a center of attraction of India.It is a tourism place of India where lots of people are come every year from different different countries.
                  At the end of article I would like to suggest you to visit Taj mahal once in your life and It will your great experience of your life which is unforgettable.Have a nice day...Share to your friends..

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